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Flexible loan facility to acquire brand new machineries and other kind of consumer electronics of reputed brands named as “Consumer Finance” facility. The facility was able to capture the attraction of quality customers with its flexible terms and competitive rates in the industry. Most of the customers are monthly salaried employees such as government and private sector permanent employees.


Mortgage loan facility introduced for existing business clients only for business expansion or investment purpose amounting minimum of Rs. 3 Mn and setting the maximum to 30 Mn.

Selected market segment exclude domestic housing projects, new property purchases and all consumption purposes and only provide for high creditworthy genuine nature business client for investment purposes.

This product allowed us to retain high creditworthy clients by sustaining their almost every financial needs.

Micro Credit and SME loan product introduced with the objective to contribute the development of economy while encouraging co-operative, small and medium entrepreneurs by backing their financial strength and lifting them to next stage of standard. This product allowed us to spread ourselves in the market while capturing a new market niche and attracting them to our core business too.


Quick Draft is a revolving nature credit facility which has similar characteristics of a bank over draft facility. It will allow the borrowers to pay any capital amount at any time as they wish while serving the minimum of accrued interest only. This was an out breaking product for the business persons especially who engaged in vehicle trading business. They could finance their working capital needs very quickly with financially and mutually beneficial options for both client and the company.